Cure Diseases With Neurotherapy

How Neurotherapy Cure Diseases?

Neurotherapy cure diseases and disorders in a patient with the help of physical points present in the body. The physical points are identified in the patient and then rubbed or massaged. These physical points depend on the part of the body that is affected. Neurotherapy works by stimulation of these physical points. This stimulation results in the proper circulation of the blood at the place to be treated and also causes certain body chemicals or hormones to release in the body which can cure diseases.

Why Neurotherapy is a better alternative?

Neurotherapy has existed  during ancient times. But with advancement in science and technology, the mankind started to depend on the same. The results were astounding but it came with a lot of side effects and concomitants.

Neurotherapy used no medicines and surgical methods but rather depended on body’s own capability to cure diseases. The body is said to produce chemicals and hormones to deal with any disease. With the help of stimulating physical points, the body was said to produce these in better manner. Rather it be any acute disease or a chronic one. Neurotherapy has physical points assigned to specific illness to cure diseases.

Medicines are said to be the fastest way to cure any disease. And yes in this fast-paced environment no one wants to waste their time curing the disease and gulp in anything that is said to cure them. But wait!

Do people have any idea about how much damage it can cause to your body?

What are the ways to cope with these damages?

Are the damages caused reversible?

The simple answer to all these is a NO!

Once the technique of getting under the knife became easy! People got excited about it and took no time to cure their illness by surgical means.

Yet again, these were methods that came with a lot of side effects.

All these reasons together make Neurotherapy the best alternative to choose . No Medicines, no surgeries, no money to pay for surgical equipment’s and also a permanent relief solution to one’s disease.

What are the disease that can be treated by Neurotherapy?

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is a common disease. Almost 10 million cases are reported in India per year. Arthritis refers to a joint disease or joint pain. Arthritis symptoms include swelling pain, stiffness and decreases range of motion. The symptoms can be mild, moderate and severe. Arthritis might result in inability to do day-to-day activities.

  • Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition where a person faces difficulty in sleeping which results in daytime drowsiness. The symptoms are usually waking up several times during sleep and not being able to sleep back. Insomnia might not sound like a disease to be cared for but Insomnia not treated for a long time will cause serious problem to individuals. Insomnia often results in fatigue, lack of concentration, strain in eyes, anxiety and sometimes also mental illness.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes is the body’s inability to process blood glucose or blood sugar. Diabetes is India’s fastest growing disease. According to a source, 49 percent of world’s diabetes cases are reported by India, which is close to 72 million cases a year. These figures are expected to double by 2025. There are 3 types of diabetes- Type I, Type II and Type III. The symptoms include unexplained weight loss, increased thirst and urination, fatigue and sores that do not heal.

  • Depression

Depression is a serious mental health disorder . Depression is characterized by feeling low, loss interest in activities, sadness, inability to perform action and take interest in work or education. Patients diagnosed with depression reported of feeling their energies drained out of them. Depression can be caused due to biological, psychological and social factors. On Mental Health Day 2018, India Today reported that India is the most depressed country in the world. People often advise of concentrating on work or exercising when feeling depressed but Depression when not treated by experts can hamper one’s life. Suicides are a major reason for depression.

  • Cervical Pain

Cervical Spondylosis in the pain caused in neck or shoulder. Cervical is a type of arthritis and is caused by prolonged straining, sleeping in uncomfortable position. Sometimes, neck pain can also be due to underlying disease in the body. Thus, treatment of cervical pain by an expert is a must.

  • Knee Pain

Pain in or around knee  caused due to heavy load of work, lack of use or injury is known as knee pain. The condition is very common and is prominent among people of old age. Knee Pain can cause hindrance in daily activities like walking, running and even standing.

  • Back Pain

Pain occurring in the spine or back and is caused by working out or lifting too much, sitting or lying down for too long. The pain can be caused due to old age as well. In most of the cases regular exercises can cure back pain but in some cases doctors advise patients to not bend or carry on any activities.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

The cardiovascular system comprises of the heart, arteries, veins and capillaries. There are various types of cardiovascular system include blood pressure, heart attack, strokes and aneurysm. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by stress, smoking and drinking habits, cholesterol and over weight.

  • Metabolic Disorders

The process by which the body processes or makes energy by the food we eat is called as metabolism. A metabolic disorder occurs when this process is disrupted by an abnormal chemical reaction. People can develop metabolic disorders when there liver and pancreas don’t function properly. Symptoms usually include severe stomach pain, less appetite and diarrhea.

  • Women’s health diseases

Issues like menstruation cause severe problems and uncomfortability in women’s. Though periods are normal but period pain is not. Only few women know about this and most of them think that pain is accompanied with periods. But no! there can be various reasons for the pain during menstruation. These should be taken care of and women should seek an expert.

  • Abdominal Diseases

Abdominal diseases are usually pain in abdomen caused by gall bladder stones, gas, indigestion, bowel disease or gall bladder inflammation. The symtpoms of some of the abdominal diseases are overeating, constipation and muscle strain.

  • Breathing Diseases

Breathing disease or lung disease is a very common problem today. With rise in pollution levels, people are prone to lung infections. Other reasons for these can be smoking, infections and genetics. The symptoms include difficulty in breathing and regular coughing. The various types of breathing diseases are asthma, Bronchitis, pneumonia and pleural effusion.

Neurotherapy takes few sittings of patient depending on the level of illness they are having. The physical points are first identified in each case and then these are taken into consideration and then performed Neurotherapy. Patients who are treated by Neurotherapy have proven to be treated completely and permanently. Neurotherapy causes no side effects and which is the reason why large number of people across world are inclined to use methods this method.

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