What is Autism?

Autism is a condition where normal brain development is hampered due to neurological development disability. This neurological development disability affects communication, social interaction and other behaviors. There are some specific characteristics of individuals suffering from it. Let us have a look at them for a better understanding of the condition. The real reason for autism is still not known but research indicates that environmental factors and combinations of genetics can be a reason for the cause of Autism.  Any injury or mishappening during pregnancy can also cause autism in the child. Environmental factors that hinder the growth or development of the brain can be the reason for it.

Characteristics of Individuals with Autism:

  • Face difficulty with Social Interaction.
  • Have an obsessive interest in objects
  • Face difficulty when there is a change in routine.
  • Can be an expert in one field and face difficulty in understanding other fields.
  •  Can repeat things often and also speak of things that interest them for too long.
  • Can have intense emotional reactions.
  • Have an unusually strong reaction to one or two of the five senses.

These are some commonly observed characteristics of individuals with Autism. These characteristics may or may not be found from one person to the other. 

Sometimes Autism can be accompanied by several other disorders like:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Congenital deafness, or hearing disorder.
  • Mental Retardation
  • Psychosocial deprivation due to which the individual appears to be alienated and isolated.

The diagnosis of these disorders is good for treating individuals who have it.

Individuals with Autism might also have certain skills and abilities, they can be:

  • Ability to understand special concepts & theories.
  • They might love to spend time focusing on the details of things.
  • Certain people with Autism have shown interest in painting.
  • Good visual ability as well as memory power.
  • Learning of different languages.

Though there has been no complete cure for Autism therapies can help and improve the condition of people with it.  Especially, Neurotherapy can take care of all the child’s development needs and other necessary learning skills of the child. It can be detected very early, thus it will be very helpful if parents of the children can introduce their kids to the therapy for better development of skills in their growing years. Also, certain therapies may help children with Autism for better Social Interaction. There are too many individuals with it who have been found to perform better in Education as well as other areas. Individuals with it can lead a healthy life just like other people. Thus proper intervention of Neurotherapy can help kids with it to perform better at all places.