Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a medical condition. A person with ADHD have differences with Mental brain development and their brain activity. They might find it difficult to sit at a single point for a long time. Also they will have issues with self-control. ADHD is mostly considered by people to occur in childhood, but can run through adolescence and adulthood. ADHD is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder and can cause difficulties in one’s life. 

Causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are:

  • Genes can be a reason for ADHD.
  • If the mother smokes or is under alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
  • Low weight during birth.
  • Brain Injuries can also cause ADHD.

Signs to detect ADHD are:

  • Kids can be inattentive and may find focusing. Lack of concentration may be found. They may be felt being absent-minded as well showing lack of interest.
  • Kids with ADHD will be found to be hyperactive most of the time. They will find it difficult to stay quiet, pay attention as well as even sitting or standing at a single position. Without even knowing the reason why they might do things like jumping or climbing or running.
  •  Kids with ADHD are impulsive which means they might often be found to interrupt people, push things or grab things when the shouldn’t be.

ADHD can be diagnosed in children before their teenage. The average age of detection is 7 years. 

Also, the above-stated signs are not a clear detection sign for individuals with ADHD. Children with anxiety, stress, and depression might as well be seen with these symptoms.

Thus, proper detection of ADHD can be only done by experts. Neurotherapy experts can be quick to detect ADHD as well treating it.

ADHD can be treated with medicines but it might as well come up with way too many side-effects which can as well hinder the treatment.

Though ADHD has no cure, Neurotherapy can easily reduce the symptoms by applying pressure at pressure points. Neurotherapy has been seen to reduce the symptoms of ADHD, reduced hyperactivity and impulsive behavior have been noticed. Moreover, after the Neurotherapy treatment 

The concentration power has been seen to improve.  Neurotherapy can easily help individuals with ADHD.

If you or your dear ones you think have ADHD then do visit Neurotherapy India for early detection and diagnosis.