Physical Points

Neurotherapy believes that there are certain physical points present in every individual’s body. These physical points are associated with different organs present in the body. Whenever a person falls sick, it is believed that the hormones or certain chemicals in the body are not secreted properly. Also the flow of the blood in the body is improper. These physical points work as wonders in all these cases. The physical points are pressured, massaged and stimulated. These points form the basis of Neurotherapy. There are some of the Physical Points that helps to

Adrenal gland points:

It helps in treating polio, pain joints, medicines side effects, inflammation. It is most used to cure auto immune diseases.

Kundli point:

It helps to treat infection inflammation to increase melatonin level in blood and stop pre mature old age. The pineal gland is activated to , which then produces Melatonin. The Melatonin is used to maintain and prolong youth activity.

Liver point:

Liver is simulated with the supply of blood to get rid of many diseases such as heart diseases, infection, fever etc. By applying the pressure once, we can increase Hemoglobin levels, by doing it four times we can reduce cholesterol levels and by doing it 12 times we can produce Cholic acid. Cholic acid is naturally occurring bile acid that is used to treat patients with genetic deficiencies in the synthesis of bile acids.

Neck less points:

It helps to treat headache, migraine, tiredness. This point relaxes muscles and brings calmness to mind and body.

Pancreas point:

It helps to treat sugar, HBP, cataract, renal diseases, weakness, loss of appetite, eye diseases, skin problems etc.