How is Neurotherapy different from Physiotherapy?

Neurotherapy and Physiotherapy both are based on natural process but treatment method of both therapies are separate.

•   In neurotherapy treatment is done by applying pressure on pressure points. Neurotherapy is completely based on pressure points but physiotherapy treatment is followed by physical activity such as exercise, massage.
•   In neurotherapy treatment there are no use of medicine its purely natural process whereas in physiotherapy treatment can include the use of medicine if needed.
•   Any type of equipment or external source is never used in neurotherapy but various type of equipments are used in physiotherapy like TENS Machine, Ultrasonic Machine, acupressure equipment, massage equipment, health care equipment. 

What is Physiotherapy ? 
Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury, disease, disorders, paralysis, pain and many critical health issue without using medicine and surgery. Physiotherapy treats patients with the help of physical methods such as exercise and massage. Physiotherapy treatment focuses on the science of movement. Physiotherapy treatment can improve fitness and help people to restore, maintain their physical strength, function and overall health.

Types of physiotherapy treatment – 
Orthopaedic Physiotherapy – Orthopaedic Physiotherapy is used to treat sprains, back pain, arthritis, strains, incontinence, posture problems, and sport’s injuries. 
Neurological – for treating disorders of the nervous system including strokes, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and can be also used recover brain surgery.
Cardiothoracic – cardiothoracic is used to cure asthma, chronic, emphysema and other cardio-respiratory disorders.
Cardiorespiratory – Providing support and prevention for people suffering diseases and injuries that effect the heart and lungs such as asthma.|
Manual Manipulation – Moving joints and soft tissue help to improve circulation, drain fluid from the body and relax overly muscles tightness.
Electrical Nerve Stimulation – Small electrical current delivered to affected areas and help to press and block pain signal to the brain.
Acupuncture – Using needled to stimulate the nervous system and work to decrease pain, release muscles and boost the immune system. 
Demonstration – includes proper movement patterns allows patients to help heal themselves.

What is Neurotherapy -?
Neurotherapy is an ancient treatment therapy. Neuro means nervous system of brain and whole body. According to Docents of Ayurveda our body is co-ordinated by three different type of elements like air, water and bile, and the flow of blood is connected to all. This therapy uses pressure points to treat. In this therapy the flow of blood is directed towards particularly weaker organs by pressure points. Uniqueness of neurotherapy is that there is no use of medicines and injections. It works without any interference from external source because it helps individuals heal itself by creating the required hormones and chemicals. The science behind neurotherapy is to activate the deactivated organs by pressure points and massage. Pressure is applied on different points to cure them. In this therapy there is no use of drugs and injection, thus there is no side effects from neurotherapy. Neurotherapy is completely natural process to balance hormones and cure disease. 

It has been used for many other brittle diseases particularly paralysis, joint pain, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, diabetes. Neurotherapy is helpful for brain related issues like stress, insomnia, fatigue, it is also helpful in curing  some other common health and skin problems like acne, pimples, pigmentation, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, slip disc, cervical, acidity, menstrual disorder, constipation, colitis, piles, cold and cough, asthma, increase and decrease sugar level etc. Any type of instrument and medicine is not used during this treatment.

Neurotherapy is useful for those people who are looking for a natural alternative to medicine and are interested in increasing healthy brain function to improve attention and reduce stress. 

Some important pressure points are –
•   Adrenal Glands Point – Adrenal Glands Points help to treat Polio, Joints pain, Medicine side effect, inflammation, reduce the effect of poison.
•   Kundli point – Kundli Point help to treat infection inflammation, to increase melationin level in blood, stop pre-mature aging.
•   Neck Less Point – Neck Less Point help to treat Headache, Tiredness.  This is extremely important point to treat different types of headaches like tension, migraine etc.
•   Medulla Point – Medulla point is used to stimulate serotonin, acetylcholine and dopamine.
•   Pancreas Point – Pancreas point helps to treat sugar, tumour, renal disease, weakness, eye diseases and skin problem.

Neurotherapy has become the most sought after form of treatment because of the ease with which it can treat people. Neurotherapy focuses majorly on improving the immunity of the patient and have helped lakhs of patients to return their healthy life.