Neurotherapy Treatment Centre

 Neurotherapy india is neurotherapy treatment centre and is neurotherapy training center which is situated at C-190, Vivek Vihar, New Delhi. Neurotherapy India is headed by Dr.Nawal Kishore who has been practicing Neurotherapy since 2005.He is the student of The founder of Neurotherapy Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra.  He has been awarded a National award in Neurotherapy. Neurotherapy India comprises of a team of Neurotherapy experts whose motto is to treat the individuals without the use of medicines and any form of surgery. Also Neurotherapy India have a non-profit organization named Sewa Foundation who treat the poor and needy without charging even a single penny.

Neurotherapy India offers myriad of services:

  • Neurotherapy India offers Neurotherapy Treatment on various diseases which includes Stomach ailments, mental disability, Bone Issues, and other such diseases.
  • Neurotherapy India offers consultation.
  • Neurotherapy India guides patients on their diet and provides nutrition chart as well.
  • We offer treatment for people suffering from obesity and want to lose weight.
  • Proper guidance of yoga and exercises for different patients depending on their ailment.

Also Neurotherapy India offers Doctor at Home services for individuals who want to seek treatment at home. This treatment is especially designed for people who don’t want to wait long hours in the traffic or want to stand in the queue waiting for the treatment. The Doctor at Home treatment is also designed for the individuals who are not in a position to travel to the clinic, thus helping them recover from their ailment easily at home.