Blood Pressure


Autism is a condition where normal brain development is hampered due to neurological development disability. This neurological development disability affects communication, social interaction and other behaviors. There are some specific characteristics of individuals suffering from it. Let us have a look at them for a better understanding of the condition. The real reason for autism is still not known but research indicates that environmental factors and combinations of genetics can be a reason for the cause of Autism.  Any injury or mishappening during pregnancy can also cause autism in the child. Environmental factors that hinder the growth or development of the brain can be the reason for it.

BP Treatment also is known as hypertension is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases. Blood pressure occurs when the force of blood pushes against the wall of your arteries.

Just like the way too much of air-filled in the pipe can damage the pipe same ways your arteries will be affected. Let us look at how Blood Pressure increases.

BP if not treated and diagnosed at the right time can become life-threatening. A normal BP checkup can easily detect High Bp. BP can be checked at home as well at the doctor’s clinic.

The normal reading of a BP reading is 64/40 at birth to about 120/80 in a healthy adult. If you notice a slight abnormality in the rates of your BP reading, then you should visit a doctor and get treatment for the same.

BP is caused mostly due to Hypertension. Sometimes the other factors causing High BP can be

  • Family Genetic,
  •  People With Diabetes or Thyroid.
  • People above the age of 55 are also most prone to High BP. 
  • Obesity or being Overweight.
  • Inactivity in people, who are lazy and do not indulge in activities like exercising or dancing or other exercises that mainly comprises of cardio activities also causes BP problems.
  • Smoking or drinking habits are also major factors contributing to High BP in an individual.
  • Consumption of high levels of salt through food can also lead to high BP.
  • Consumption of drugs like cocaine.
  • Low levels of Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium.

Diet and Lifestyle plays a large role in BP Problems. 

If you or your near or dear one suffer from High BP, then without much of a delay you must visit Neurotherapy India. Neurotherapy India uses the technique of Neurotherapy for curing BP in patients.

Neurotherapy prescribes no prescription of medicines or any other form of surgery to control BP.  It is a self-healing method, which introduces nothing new in the body and cures the patients by improving their immunity and blood flow by using certain pressure points in the body.

Neurotherapy has treated a lot of patients suffering from Neurotherapy and have succeeded in treating them with ease and comfort and without disrupting the already weak Immune system of the patient.

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