“How can Neurotherapy cure stomach pain?”

What is Neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy also called as neurofeedback, uses real-time displays of brain activities using electroencephalography (EEG). Brain activities are recorded using sensors which are placed on the head. The measurements are displayed in video or audio .During this process the practitioner gathers information about why an individual may be having clinical symptoms based on what is happening in their brain.

How does Neurotherapy work?
Neurotherapy or Neurofeedback is commonly provided using video or sound, with positive feedback for desired brain activity and negative feedback for brain activity that is undesirable. Neurotherapy deals with using natural methods to treat any disease without taking any external medicine. It focuses on improving the brain functions by consuming the right food and by working on the chakras of the body. It recognizes the pressure points for different inabilities and works on it.

Who should go for Neurotherapy?
People are often confused how to cure stomach pain using Neurotherapy but first let us look at who should opt for Neurptherapy.Though Neurotherapy has escalated with the advancement in technology  but a lot of people might be wondering whether to go and avail medication or to go to a Neurotherapist. Below are some points regarding the

individual who wants to seek Neurotherapy:

  • Individuals  looking for a natural alternative to medication
  • are not responding well to traditional treatment approaches
  • Would benefit from this form of treatment as an adjunct to psychotherapy
  • Wants to increase healthy brain function to improve attention and cognition and reduce stress

Reasons for Stomach Pain
Stomach pain is caused due to discomfort in stomach caused due to various reasons. Stomach pains might occur in a new born baby to elderly people. Stomach pains can occur because of issues in liver. The liver is essential for digesting food and riding your body of toxic substances. Issues in liver can be caused due to infections, immune system abnormality, genetics, alcohol abuse, etc . In some cases stomach pains are usually a result of Naval Displacements. Navel displacement is a purported condition in Ayurvedic beliefs when the navel center is thought to shift.

This can be caused by a variety of reasons listed below:

  • Consuming junk food like burger ,pizza or consuming carbonated drinks.
  • Lifting heavy weights like lifting a bucket full of water or pulling weights in the gym.
  • Taking medicines or supplements for body building
  • Movement of intestines called as peristalsis movement which causes constipation or loose motions.

Detection of naval displacement
Naval Displacement in Neurotherapy can be detected by a Practitioner but it can be detected at your home as well. You will need the help of a other person in the latter case. Below are the steps followed for the detection of naval displacement.

  • The individual should keep a gap of 6 hours after consuming food.
  • The individual to be tested should lie on his back
  • The person helping you will have to insert 3 of his fingers inside your belly button while you breathe in and out and check for the heartbeat at your belly button.
  • If the heartbeat is not felt then we can say that the naval is displaced.
  • In this case we will have to find the location where the naval might have been displaced. For this, check 2 fingers above, below, and sideways of the naval button. You will feel the heartbeat in either of these locations and this is where the naval has been displaced.

How to cure stomach pain using Neurotherapy?
In older times in Indian household if a child was detected with stomach pain a thread was tied around the thumb of his/her leg to get the naval to its original position.  But somehow it did not treat the naval displacement completely due to varying acid levels in ones body or stomach. Neurotherapy uses methods to make blood flow to your naval. To fix the naval displacement, pressure points at the ankles are pressed for 20-30 times which is believed to relax your muscles present in the stomach. Also there are instruments which are available in the market which can be used to treat naval displacement.

 If the stomach pain is due to liver issues then pressure points at the hand and legs are pressed simultaneously for 3 times. This can be repeated every 2 hours if there is no relief.