Do you face problem while walking? Does your legs & pain all the time. Well, it can be arthritis. Arthritis is a condition in which one or more of your joints get swelled and experience tenderness.

Arthritis is a type of anti-inflammatory disease characterized by chronic joint inflammation.

Neurotherapy Treatment takes away all your pain of Arthritis. But first, let us look at what Arthritis and arthritis treatment and what are its symptoms.

Symptoms of Arthritis are:

    •   Fatigue – Fatigue is a very common symptom in all stages of Arthritis particularly when the joint inflammation is active. The fatigue caused can adversely affect the emotions and day to day activities in one’s life.

    •   Joint Pain –  Joint pain in arthritis is caused by the inflammation present in a joint when the disease is active. 

   •   Joint Tenderness –  arthritis characteristically leads to the tenderness of involved joints. This happens because of irritation that occurs in the nerves in the inflamed joint lining tissue inside the joint capsule. 

   •   Joint Swelling – people who are affected by rheumatoid arthritis can easily tell when their joints are swollen. The joint swelling can lead to loss of range of motion of the joint. Joint swelling in the fingers can make it hard to get rings off and on easily.

   •   Joint Redness – Joint redness does not occur in all inflamed joints from arthritis. Sometimes the inflammation in the joint is inadequate to cause the capillaries in the skin to dilate.

   •   Joint warmth – Warmth of the joints affected by arthritis is a sign of active inflammation. 

   •   Joint stiffness – Joints that are affected by active rheumatoid arthritis are inflamed and characteristically stiffer in the morning than later in the day. Moning Stiffness us a way of measuring the severity of the joint inflammation.

   •   Loss of joint range of motion – As the joints of rheumatoid arthritis become more inflamed with active disease, they tend to have an incomplete range of motion

   •   Polyarthritis (Many effects are affected) – Usually, but not always, arthritis affects many joints. Sometimes, only a few joints are involved

   •   Limping – Limping frequently occurs when arthritis affects the hips, knees, ankles, or feet. Pain, loss of range of motion, and joint swelling all can cause a person with arthritis to have a noticeable limp. 

   •   Joint Deformity – Joint deformity can occur from chronic arthritis. Deformity in arthritis occurs because the unchecked inflammation leads to both erosion of cartilage and bone as well as ligament loosening.

   •   Both sides of the body are affected – The symmetric joint involvement is a feature of arthritis.

   •   Loss of Joint Function – The joint can be very subtly affected with slight swelling or markedly affected with substantial loss of range of motion. The pain level can be completely disabling and does not always correlate with the degree of apparent inflammation.

If you face any above symptoms, then doo visits Neurotherapy India. Arthritis treatment can completely affect one’s physical activity and day-to-day life.

Neurotherapy takes a few sittings of patients. And also Neurotherapy India has introduced Doctor at Home for people who cannot move their bodies enough and want to seek treatment at Home.

Neurotherapy Treatment usually involves the recognition of pressure points and then pressing and rubbing them effectively.

Pressure points are present on the back of the thigh and the side of the leg. They are pressed effectively with the palm for providing relief to the patients.