Lajpat Rai Mehra

Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra, was born to Shri Ramgopal Mehra and Smt Kesara Devi, a very highly respected family of Amritsar, He was their 7th offspring . He was a living legend of his times and is fondly remembered as Guruji.

He is the pioneer for developing a specialized technique (LMNT) of curing people without medicines. At the tender age of 11, he suffered from a very severe stomach ache, which had lasted for several months, inspite of all the medical help available those days his pain could not be treated.

He happen to meet an old woman who asked him to lie face down and cured him almost instantly, by a simple traditional technique of ‘setting the navel’ by moving his hands and legs in a special way.

Unlike other children of his age, he was very kind and a helpful child.

He did not forget the incident. Instead, he constantly experimented upon the technique through his body longed to relieve others of similar pains.

The navel is the epicenter of the body as referred in the Ancient Indian texts. The main cause for digestive disorders is the disturbances in the position of the navel in relation to other parts of the abdomen.

His mother often used to suffer from stomach aches. With her as a willing subject, he devised a the method of using his feet to produce a similar effect, to relieve her of her pains. When he had perfected the technique, he started treating others in his neighborhood.

Soon lots of people, suffering from stomach ailments like constipation, dysentery and other abdominal disorders, from nearby and distant areas, would line up in front of his father’s home, whom he treated with his newly-founded technique, with great success.

From the tender age of 11 he spent a major part of his time giving free treatment. In the process, he invented several newer techniques, and developed a distinctively original method of curing people from several types of ailments, without medicines.

Family circumstances did not permit him to study further. But nothing could dampen his obsession of upgrading his knowledge by reading books on nature cure, human anatomy & physiology.Due to intensive study he managed to get a degree in Naturopathy on his own.

Based on practical experience gained while treating hundreds of patients he integrated methods from ancient Indian scriptures and applied the principles of physiology to his approach to cure ailments in a manner which has no parallel in modern times.

His technique has since been christened by students and well-wishers as Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy (LMNT).

His compassionate and passionate dedication to give relief to the maximum number of patients, made him to train more than thousands students; and also conduct more than a hundreds of free Neurotherapy camps all over India

There are presently, more than 650 LMNT centers all over India, plus one each in Canada, U.K., Italy and Australia.