What is Neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy is a type of treatment which has existed since ancient times in India. Earlier in our household, there were medicine practitioners who without prescribing any medicines use to cure people. The practice was called as Neurotherapy. Neurotherapy Treatment uses physical pressure points to treat patients. Neurotherapy is a method of treating the disorders and diseases in the patient with the help of physical points present in the body. The physical points are identified in the patient and then rubbed or massaged. These physical points depend on the part of the body that is affected. Neurotherapy Treatment works by stimulation of these physical points. This stimulation results in the proper circulation of the blood at the place to be treated and also causes certain body chemicals or hormones to release in the body which can cure the patient.

Neurotherapy deals with using natural methods to treat any disease without taking any external medicine. It focuses on improving the brain functions by consuming the right food and by working on the chakras of the body. It recognizes the pressure points for different inabilities and works on it.

Neurotherapy believes that the body needs no external source to treat any disease. If the requisite hormones and chemicals are secreted in the body properly, then the body will function normally without suffering from any disease.

Till now 80 pressure points have been identified in the body. These points are pressed in such a way that the blood is directed towards weaker portions of the body.

Benefits of Neurotherapy

•   Stress relief and anxiety management
•   Improving attention, concentration, focus
•   Boosting motivation and energy
•   Improving mood and emotional resilience
•   Improving cognitive performance and learning