Neurotherapy India is introducing Doctor at Home to our clients and customers. Neurotherapy India is headed by Dr. Nawal Kishore is a team of Neurotherapy Experts with an aim to treat individuals with ease and comfort without the use of any medicines or performing surgery. We have till now treated lakhs of patients with this unique technique of Neurotherapy. From back pain, stomach pain, menstrual problems, migraines to depression. We have left no stone unturned. Our team have been successful in treating our patients completely.

Dr. Nawal Kishore has a vast experience of almost 25 years treating thousands of patients. From new born babies to people of old age he has treated patients of every category. Neurotherapy India also has a charitable trust called as “Sewa Foundation” .Sewa Foundation was devised with a mind set to help the poor and needy people to get rid of their ailments.

Neurotherapy is an ancient form of treatment that deals with improving the immune system of the individual. Pressure points are identified according to the ailment and then pressed effectively. Neurotherapy is a very serviceable treatment. It can be performed not only at clinic but at home as well. Our team of Neurotherapy experts are present for you anywhere. You will now be able to avail Neurotherapy treatment at homes now.

Doctor at Home is a well-equipped service devised especially for elderly people, patients with conditions which does not allow travelling and for all those who don’t want to travel long distances for treatment. Our Doctor at Home Encompasses Routine Doctor Consultation, Personalized care, Chronic Ailment Monitoring. The Doctor at Home is a service that can be performed at home at your convenience.

How Doctor at Home works?
We believe that every other person suffering from any kind of disease should have full access of the medicine-less and non-invasive “Neurotherapy Treatment”. For this very reason, the team of Neurotherapy India came up with the idea of Doctor at Home. Doctor at Home is devised so that any patient can avail Neurotherapy treatment at their home at their convenience. 

•   Patient or a kin of patient can call Neurotherapy India clinic to book the Neurotherapy Expert. 
•   Our representative at Neurotherapy India will take your booking.
•   Our Neurotherapy Expert will be present at your doorstep at the time you made the booking for.
•   Our Neurotherapy Expert will take into account all your past health records and will tell you the number of visits needed to get completely cured. 
•   Then our Neurotherapy expert will perform Neurotherapy after identifying pressure points.
•   Neurotherapy expert will visit again for Neurotherapy treatment depending on your convenience.

The list of diseases that Neurotherapy can treat is innumerable. The team at Neurotherapy India gives best of its efforts to cure our patients will full ease and comfort. The best of treatment is provided to the patients. 

Key points kept in mind while performing Neurotherapy:
•   Age
•   Gender
•   Level of Ailment 

How can people benefit from Doctor at Home?
People today are busy from the social, business, political, commercial, educational and professional activities. People are left with no time even to take care of themselves. In this tough and busy schedule people even when suffering from sickness feel dicey about visiting a doctor. Thus, for those people. Doctor at Home comes out to be the best alternative. 

Working Mothers, Professionals, students, elderly people and other such people who cannot make out time to visit a doctor can avail the Doctor at Home services. 

People can avail Neurotherapy Treatment at home by calling on 9718425042 & 9818425042.

For other inquiries you can contact us on our Social Media Pages.