Tips for Health

Today’s lifestyle has made it difficult for us to keep our health in check, but it can be worked upon by these tips for health and a few simple tweaks in our daily routine. To keep our body fit, we have to see it as a machinery, which needs good quality fuel, regular working and enough rest to function properly. Same goes with our body, it requires nutrition reach food, regular exercise and enough sleep to function properly.

Let’s discuss these tips for health in detail:

  1. Cut back on sugar:

Sugar is not only bad for your teeth but it’s also responsible for bad weight gain and a measure contributor of obesity in metropolitan cities. We tend to intake more than the prescribed amount of sugar in our daily routine and this happens specially because of hidden sugar in processed food and drinks. A single can of soda can contain up to 10 teaspoons of added sugar, which leads to type 2 Diabetes and heart problems.

2. Eat variety of fruits and vegetables:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source of nutrients our body needs to function. And adding variety to it will ensure that you receive every kind of nutrient. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals, with only natural sugar. You should eat 5 kind of vegetables and 2 kind of fruits every day. This will help you protect from diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

3. Nutty Diet:

You should not forget to include nuts in your diet as they are a high source of magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, and various other nutrients. But you should also keep check on how much quantity you consume as they are also high in fat. Nuts like almonds helps in fighting heart diseases as they reduce LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and oxidized LDL cholesterol. While pistachios, which are high in fiber, helps in increasing good cholesterol (HDL).

4. Avoid Salt:

Same as sugar, our intake of salt is more than prescribed limit. And processed foods can also be blamed for this as they are full of salt to make them more addictive. So, to reduce the salt intake you need not only to reduce it in home cooked food but also needs to reduce processed foods and condiments like soy sauce, stock etc. as they add addition salt to the food. You should start cutting down on salt and within no time your taste buds will become accustomed to it.

5. Control on fats and oil:

Our body requires very less fat than we consume and this excess fat is very harmful for our heart and can lead to stroke. Especially trans-fat, which is present in most of the industrial products. Reducing the consumption of fat not only helps in healthy functioning of the body but also helps in reducing weight and a much better way to reduce weight then going on a diet and cutting down on other healthy food.

6. Get enough sleep:

Getting proper rest is extremely important for our wellbeing. We should get 7-8 hours of sleep daily and most of us know this already. But what we ignore is the timings, we should not just get 7-8 hours of sleep randomly at any time of day instead we should sleep before 11:00pm. Proper sleep helps our mind to get refresh and speeds up healing process of our body. It also helps in keeping stress level in check and prevents mental disorders.

7. Drink enough water:

Staying hydrated is important as our 60% of body is made up of water and if it’s not properly hydrated it can cause problems. Even 2% loss of body fluid can lead to altered body temperature control, reduced motivation increased fatigue and can impair many aspects of brain function. Proper hydration also helps in good functioning of kidney and prevents constipation.

8. Regular Exercise:

This is probably one of the most important fact for good physical and mental health. It helps in every aspect of your health, whether its weight control or prevention of diseases. Regular exercise helps in preventing stroke, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, many types of cancer, arthritis, falls etc. And helps in avoiding mental disorder like insomnia, depression, stress etc.

If we take care of all these tips for health then we can go along way without worrying for medical expenses and falling ill. Being physically and mentally healthy is important for success in life as ill health acts as a diversion and distracts us from our goals in life. So, remember these tips for health, to eat good, exercise regularly and give enough rest to your body. Our health should be our first priority as if anything happens to it, every other thing will come to a halt and it not only causes trouble to us but to our love ones also.

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