Stomach Pain Management Programme

3-days Stomach Management Program is being conducted by Neurotherapy India from 20th-September-2019 to 22nd-September-2019. The workshop focuses on teaching people how to cure themselves or their near ones by the unique method of Neurotherapy.

Neurotherapy is a self-healing medical treatment that was devised by Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra. The treatment focuses on treating individual by improving the blood circulation of the individual. The blood is directed towards the affected weaker organs. It is believed that one’s immunity can be treated by increasing the blood circulation and also applying pressure to certain physical points which help in secreting the right hormones and chemicals needed for treating. The physical points are first identified and then the Neurotherapy expert applies pressure on the points so as to cure the sickness.

The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Nawal Kishore who is a neurotherapy expert and has been in this field since 2005. He has been awarded National Award in Neurotherapy. He has till now treated lakhs of patients by this unique method of Neurotherapy. He is a student of the founder of Neurotherapy Dr.Nawal Kishore and follows his path to treat patients with the medicine-less, non-invasive procedure of treating of an individual.

The stomach pain management programme will cover all treatment of Stomach Issues like Dysentry, Gastritis, Acid-Alkaline Imbalance. And other such stomach issues.

Stomach Issues are usually caused by Naval Displacement. Once the position of Navel is detected. Neurotherapy is then implemented on re-positioning of Nave thus treating the stomach issues.

If people want to learn about Neurotherapy and how to cure stomach issues with the help of Neurotherapy then they should attend this workshop. Also a additional 40% discount on the course to individuals attending the workshop.

For inquiries – 9718425042

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