Neurotherapy Courses & Diploma

Neurotherapy courses are offered by Neurotherapy India which is a Neurotherapy center based in Delhi. Neurotherapy India has a team of expert doctors who treat patients with Neurotherapy techniques. Neurotherapy technique is a technique of treating the patients without the use of any medicines and surgeries. Neurotherapy had been practiced by people of ancient India since time immemorial. But with the introduction of modern techniques in treatment of patients, people ignored this form of treatment.

Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra through his personal experience of getting treated for stomach pain  with neurotherapy techniques at a very tender age  developed his  interest in Neurotherapy and started learning this technique. After developing vast knowledge in this field he started treating patients with this technique. Also to spread this technique all over India and the world, he started to teach people about it and helped them become a professional Neurotherapist.

Neurotherapy treatment is treatment based on physical points. Those physical points depended on the affected area.

The physical points were identified by the neurotherapist. The doctor would rub or massage the physical points so that the hormones could be secreted properly. The blood circulation also improved in the affected area.

And we take pride in saying that our  “Sewa Foundation” has given treatment to poor and unprivileged people around Delhi. We conduct workshops for them regarding health awareness and give them free treatment.

Neurotherapy India also takes pride in saying that almost thousands of young students have been taught Neurotherapy and they have now become professional Neurotherapist.

Our motto is to spread this unique technique of treating the people medicines less and without any surgery. We believe that patients can be treated with stimulating body’s immunity. This immunity is improved by rubbing certain physical points.

Though physical points might sound to be easy. But only a professional Neurotherapist can identify them and perform Neurotherapy on the physical points.

We have treated patients with Back Pain, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Depression, Joints Pain, Skin Problems and many more. Our Patients are of sole importance and we don’t miss any chance to cure our patients as fast and as early as possible.

With rising side-effects in using medicines and surgery methods, people today are switching to the traditional Indian method of Neurotherapy. And also with rise in number of patients opting for Neurotherapy, there is a great demand for professional Neurotherapists.

For spreading this unique technique and also to fulfill the demand of rising interest of patients towards Neurotherapy, we offer neurotherapy courses to people.

Dr. Nawal Kishore will be teaching the course to the students. He is the student of Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra and has treated thousands of patients till date. He is also a Gold Medalist in the field of Neurotherapy.

The courses depend on the time people could invest in those courses and other eligibilities like age and qualification.

All the details about the  Neurotherapy course are mentioned below.

  • Diploma Course in Neurotherapy

Duration- 3 months, 6 months, 1 year

Classes – Weekdays and Weekends

Eligibility – 12th Pass

Advantages of taking up the course

  1. The students will be taught all about Neurotherapy. The students will be able to treat any disease with the help of Neurotherapy techniques. Diseases like Joint pain, stomach diseases, knee pain and other such diseases can be easily cured.
  2. You yourself will be able to treat yourself and your dear ones without spending hefty money on medicines, surgeries and doctor visits.
  3. All the information regarding the reason, cause, symptoms and treatment of every disease will be taught to you.

After successful completion of Diploma and going through the Neurotherapy training, the student will be eligible to have a Neurotherapy clinic of his own.

 3 MONTH BASIC Training- Rs.7,000/-

6 month Basic Training – Rs. 15,000/-

1 year+ 6 month( Internship) Diploma – Rs. 41,000/-

We hope young students, or even people who want to switch their field of job, people who are interested in learning about Neurotherapy technique are welcome to join the courses and you can also visit our YouTube channel.

We hope that we fulfill the vision seen by Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra of spreading the Neurotherapy technique all over India and world is achieved .

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